Deployment Day 2: Wasted Time

Although I thoroughly enjoy it and while be sad to move back home, living in Spain is totally different than living in the States. Seriously I will never get used to how slow things are here. So it has been raining for two weeks, and we still have a week left of rain according to the weather channel (gross I need the sun). Well, there are two cracks in my ceiling, one in the kitchen and one in the living room. My absolutely amazing landlord/adopted dad (call him that because he does so much for us) called a mason who was supposed to come last week before my husband left, of course, the man did not show up until today because we have just had too much rain. I had so many plans today.

  1. Run to the commissary – ya girl is out of food yall!
  2. Hit the gym – I am starting to get a fat tire roll, and I am not fancying that.
  3. I have to attend a fastpitch softball meeting at 1830.
  4. Take Reagan’s fluffy butt to the dog park
  5. Wash the dang dishes!

So, instead of being able to get all of that stuff crossed off my list for today, I just got to sit in my bedroom listening to a grown ass man, who I can’t communicate with (thanks language barrier), grunt all day long. It was so awkward. I had no idea whether I should ask him if he wanted some water, stand there and watch him work and try to be as less creepy as possible about it, or just stay in my bedroom (ding ding ding winner).

Well let me tell yall this, he has to come back tomorrow. Instead of getting the entire job done in one day, he splits it in two days. One room a day. This is what I meant when I said I will never get used to the slow pace here. The man left here at 1300! Now I will have to get to the gym at 0800 and be back home by 1000 so he can come plaster the ceiling in another room. Jesus take the wheel, my social awkwardness cannot handle another day of a random man who doesn’t speak English in my home.

Yall pray for me. Lol.

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