Day 3: Time Goes By

Today was such a great day! I did not get everything done that I wanted to (fuck the dishes, again), but I got some things done and I felt great doing them! They say when you look good you feel good, and that was so true today. Instead of sitting in my room for the three hours that the mason was here working, I took a shower (I’ll be honest and say I hadn’t showered in two days), and I put a full face of makeup on along with doing my hair! I looked good and I felt even better! I crossed one thing off the list, #12 Practice makeup, and that made me feel amazing! I used a picture of me today as my feature picture so you guys can track my makeup progress since I am determined to get better!

Since I felt so amazing it really gave me the energy to get out of the house. I had been messaging my pregger friend Maddie (if you are reading this heyyyy Maddie!) and she needed to go to the commissary and I did too. I suggest we tag team that bitch because we both despise the commissary, I actually think all of my friends here do. Anyway, it just so happens to be friggin PI DAY, which means… FREE PIE AT THE USO!
* I need to give yall some back story for a minute. I drove to the softball meeting yesterday and my gas light came on. I drove back home with that gas light on expecting to put the gas from the gas can in the car to get back to the base today to get more gas. Well, ya girl is an idiot and I totally forgot to put gas in the car before I went to meet Maddie’s ass. *
Anyway, we didn’t get any damn pie because we got there 4 hours after the pie day stuff started. Oops. Had no idea there was a time limit to pie DAY. Haha. We did, however, tag team the hell outta that commissary! I cannot believe that Maddie goes in there listless, and walks down every single aisle. It was kinda fun though. Definitely the longest trip to the commissary I have ever had. I got some great groceries to meal prep lunch and dinner with! I am going to make BBQ chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato bowl for lunch, and taco bowl for dinner. I cannot wait to make that tomorrow. I will be sure to blog about how it goes, and give you guys the great recipes I found on Pinterest!

The best part of my day had to have been when I got gas. Mike has done the cutest thing for me this deployment. He left me notes in random places and I keep finding them when I need them the most. The first day I found one in Reagan’s water bowl. It was such a sad day for me, and instantly that picked my spirits up. Today I found one in the gas tank. Well, not inside the damn gas tank, but in that little door that pops out. There were a few people around and a lady pumping gas behind me noticed me pulling the little paper out, and that made me even happier. I have an obnoxious, but sweet husband.

To top the day off, I picked up Alisa (if you are reading this, heyyyy Alisa and so sorry for objecting you to the state of my house!) and we headed to Decathlon. I need some damn cleats for softball, and the first practice is tomorrow! Anyway, I have absolutely no idea why I even looked off base for cleats. Spanish people really don’t play baseball. They had a zillion soccer cleats, and those could be used, but I need high top cleats or my ankles will go one way, and my body will go the other. Now, that would be a sight! We literally walked around that entire store, and I was so desperate to find decent cleats that I swear I had a mirage! I really thought a bicycle handle on the back wall was a bat, so I took off in that direction only to be let down. God damn bike handles. Needless to say, I will be at the NEX tomorrow paying way too much for cleats that I will probably only use a few times. Spending time with Alisa was great though! We talked about the most random shit and I even introduced her to Chrisley Knows Best (awesome show if you haven’t watched it you must!) and she loved it.

Today my list consisted of Decathlon, check. Comissary, check. Write blog about today, fucking CHECK! Wash dishes, not checked. Pass that shit onto tomorrow!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to read about my delicious meal prep and shenanigans!

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