Day 4: Ups and Downs

Today was a rollercoaster. It started off pretty rocky to be completely honest. I was supposed to get up and go to the gym this morning at 10 with Stephanie (if you are reading this, heyyyy Steph!) but that did not end up happening. I got stuck on a tv show on Netflix last night thanks to Alisa so I didn’t get to sleep until late and when my alarm went off I was not in the mood to get up. So, first thing on my list that did not get done. I was also supposed to go to the coffee shop for a coffee meeting put on by the Rota wives With No Lives group. I ended up not making it to that either. I was pretty upset with myself for not getting up and getting these things done, but tomorrow is another day and another opportunity. The best thing happened though, as I was making coffee to get myself up and out of the house, I found a note in the bottom of my coffee bag. That is what my picture is above. I appreciate Mike having left these notes more than anyone can understand. At a time where I just was not feeling great about myself today, something as small as this tiny note with a few words on it lifted my spirit and pushed me to have a better day.

Another thing I had on my list today was to prep my lunch and dinner for the next 3 days. Well, I totally forgot to pull the meat out to thaw it! I am a complete scatterbrain sometimes. I had planned to meal prep and then wash the dishes (remember yesterday I said my dishes were so bad?).  Well, how can I meal prep if the meat is frozen? I can’t. So, I put the meat in the sink in cold water to thaw out, and saw that as a great opportunity to take Reagan to the dog park! So, of course, I did! Baby girl needs activities to keep her busy while Daddy is away too. Did I happen to let yall know that it has been raining pretty much every day for the past 2 weeks? No? Well, let me tell ya, that dog park is a lake.

Exhibit A:

Would yall just look at Reagan (and a cameo by Ludo the Newfoundland) out there in that lake! Oh, but wait! There is more!

Exhibit B:

This little turd loves to dig in water! I don’t know what it is that makes her love it so much, but oh does she! Reagan had muddy water all over her. Not to mention, she would take off running, and the other dogs would chase her and she would run straight to the mud puddle. Everyone would scream at their dogs to make them not go into, but they did! Reagan became the ringleader of the muddy mongrels today, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. This is where my roller coaster hit another hill, and the hill has lasted for the rest of the night thankfully.

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