Taco Bowl Meal Prep

I didn’t want to post my meal prep in my Day 4 post because I wanted to post the recipe for you guys. It was super easy and it was very quick! Pinterest is my go-to website for recipes, especially when I want a tasty meal for the week. So I looked up healthy meal prep, and a taco bowl popped up. Of course, everyone loves tacos and when you can make them healthier, score. I got a recipe from Pinterest, but I never stick to the recipe because I like to make it my own. For this recipe, I made the beef per usual, but I tossed in half a small onion and a jalapeno, deseeded because I can’t stand the heat of the seeds. I chopped both up and threw them in while the beef browned. After the beef browned I put in 1 and a half packets of taco seasoning. I use the Old El Paso seasoning. I have tried the McCormick’s but I just don’t like it. I used 1 and a half packets because the packet says to use one pack per 1 pound of beef, and our beef comes in 1 and a half pound packages. Anyway, while I was cooking the beef I was chopping up a head of Romaine lettuce and half a tomato! I filled 3 sandwich bags with the lettuce and made sure got all the air out that I could. I put one bag in one container, then the tomato, and then I added the beef. I made a container for cheese that I will separate between the 3 and also a container with taco sauce. I love taco sauce. I will also have a little bit of sour cream on it (just recently figured out that I love sour cream), but I have to stop by the commissary and get it tomorrow!

I hope you guys like my recipe and maybe try it for yourselves in the future, add or omit whatever ingredients you want to make it yours! I can’t wait to eat this tomorrow night!

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