Shopping is not something I have ever liked. I am not the typical girly girl who loves to go to the mall and look at shoes or try on a billion pairs of jeans to find the perfect ones that hug places just right. For the most part, shopping gives me anxiety. Too many people, too many choices, I don’t like it. This is exactly why I make lists. I get in, get what’s on the list, and get out. Well, today, I went SHOPPING.

I really want to make a DIY Vanity so I recruited some friends to come to Ikea with me (since I have never gone in my entire life) and help me pick some stuff out. The girls (heyyy Steph and Alisa) wanted to go to Primark. For those of you who don’t live in Europe, Primark is a cheap clothing store, but they legit have all kinds of things. It reminds me of Old Navy, but with better clothes. Ikea was great. I entered a whole new world in that place! It was huge, and it made me super excited to design our future house. I found a few different things that I like so I didn’t buy anything today because I need time to think (I hate making decisions, yall). Let’s get back to Primark though. PRIMARK IS THE DEVIL!!! It will suck you in with its cheap prices! I got so much stuff and I only spent €48 (that’s like $55 give or take a few bucks). I kept telling the girls, “Yall gotta get me the fuck out of here.” I am not one to just go out and spend money like that! Today, I just let go of everything. The anxiety of shopping, the anxiety over spending money, just…anxiety in general! For me, that is a huge deal. I experience anxiety every single day almost every single moment of the day. It really is awful, but it is just something I have learned to live with. So for me to actually go a couple hours without feeling anxiety at all, is a great feeling. I really enjoyed the time I spent with my friends today, and I can’t thank them enough for giving me a little bit of peace in this crazy mess I call a brain. Overall, today has been a great day. It’s only 1800, but I am ready to settle down into my pj’s prep my chicken bowl, because I didn’t get to that yesterday, and kick back to watch some Netflix! Holla at ya tomorrow!

P.S. Here is a picture of me and the girl’s post-Primark. Me, Alisa, and Stephanie. Also, a picture of a googly eye tin, because who carries around a tin full of googly eyes? Stephanie does that’s who! I just love her.



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