Day 5 Continued: Frickin Pizza Festival

So I know I previously posted today, and I said I was just going to put my pj’s on and Netflix for the rest of the night, but that did not happen. My favorite pregger lady (yes, I am talking about Maddie) and her husband invited me to the Pizza Festival! I was not going to go because I am trying to eat better, but how could I resist an invitation from the lovely Maddiekins? Ya can’t. I ended up having a great time! I mean, pizza slices for one euro! You just cannot beat that. Also, I have been dying to try pizza from this little place in Cadiz called Los Napolitanos, and they just happened to be there! Best pizza in Andalucia, HANDS DOWN! Ugh, I just felt like I had transported back to Rome.



After we were done with our pizza we went to my favorite bar in Rota, Brixton’s. It is super Americanized, but the decor is just beautiful and it makes me want to stay forever. Although I didn’t have much to drink, just one beer, I had a great time hanging out with Maddie and Ben. We ended up running into 3 more friends, and conversed with them for a little while which was great as well!

One thing I have learned about getting through deployments is… make sure you have a good group of supportive friends. Maddie and Ben invited me tonight because they knew I was home alone. You just cannot put a price tag on a good friend. You just can’t. Thank you guys so much for letting me tag along because once the night comes and I am all alone, the loneliness sets in and I really do miss Mike so much. Thank you so much for delaying that feeling a little longer!

Here is a picture of Maddie drinking her Virgin whatever the hell the bartender made her (made her get that drink because I wanted this picture so bad).




Seriously cannot wait to see what tomorrow has in store, but for now, goodnight yall!

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