Day 6: Levante

Today was such a gloomy day. Thank you Levante winds and rain. Levante winds are winds from the Mediterranean that go through the Straits of Gibraltar and make their way to us. They are extremely strong winds, and we hate them. In the summertime, these winds bring us mud rain (dirt from Africa gets mixed in with the rain by the wind and it is a hot mess). Reagan is absolutely NOT enjoying being cooped up in the house. Needless to say, it has been a lazy day in the Vance household filled with lots of treat balls to keep Reagan occupied, lots of episodes of The Vampire Diaries (just started this show), and I made myself get up and wash my makeup brushes so I can use them tomorrow…hopefully it will be a better day weather-wise.

To give Reagan some fun, I let her chew up one of the tissue paper balls I got for Maddie’s baby shower a couple of weeks ago.


If you haven’t ever owned a husky, or been around one… you need to. This dog has kept me laughing all day despite the crappy weather. Look how innocently she looks at me after eating that ball up. That gave her about 5 minutes of fun, then she resorted back to pouting about me not letting her outside. How do I know she is pouting you ask? Because my dog will literally whine and howl at me until I ask, “Do you want to go outside?”. To which she proceeds to run to the door. If I do not immediately get up and let her out, she runs back to me, paws me in the face, and continues to howl, but when she pouts…she lays in her messes or she lays facing away from me.


When I went to Primark yesterday I got a new makeup brush cleaner thingymabob. I love it! I used to today to help me wash my brushes better, and it definitely works. It took me about 3 minutes to clean each brush thoroughly, and then I hung them up to dry! I cannot wait to use them tomorrow after having a good washing. Honestly, I had been way too long since the last time I had washed them (disgusting as hell). I just used water and Dawn dish soap. My foundation brush was a hot mess man. Seriously, it was absolutely gross. This little thing is a life saver and time saver and guess what? It was only 4 euro (5.50 USD approximately). Also, I use our towel holder in the bathroom, and my hair ties to hold my brushes so they can dry. It makes the drying process faster.


Makeup brushes.jpg

I promise tomorrow’s blog post will be a tad more exciting, but for now, hasta luego my friends!

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