Day 7: The Day I Couldn’t Remember Anything

Today I was supposed to meet Alisa for brunch, and maybe do some day drinking with Ashley (I know you are reading so heyyy bishhh!), but when I woke up at 9 o’clock it was raining like a mofo out there. So, ya girl went right back to sleep. Woke up again at 11, still raining, but I let little Reagan out to potty and we went right back to sleep. We both rolled out of bed around 2 and got our day started. Little Miss Priss decided to take a huge chunk of the wood that keeps our fence from being see-through and proceeded to eat it. Most of you have probably seen the video by now since I posted it on facebook, and got a good laugh out of it. Oh, the life of a husky mom. I was wondering why she was throwing up little chunks of wood, now I know. Crazy ass dog.

The title of this blog is “The Day I Forgot Everything” so let’s get into that. I cannot believe I have been so scatterbrained lately. I really think it’s because I have been teasing Maddie about her pregnancy brain. Karma is real yall. Anyway, my dumbass totally forgot that I was supposed to pick up a desk from Elise today! The desk that I am going to make my vanity with. So, I started to get ready so I could go get that, at like 3 o’clock. I took a shower, got dressed, and started to put my makeup on. This is when Reagan went crazy with the wood stuff, and I chased her little but around for a bit. I got back to getting ready. I made some toast for breakfast (aka lunch) and I made a cup of coffee. I love cafe con leche now, so Mike bought me some Starbucks espresso from the commissary. I put that into the Keurig and mix it with a little milk and sugar. So great man. Yum. Yall, I went the entire day and didn’t drink that coffee. Totally forgot about it. I went into the bathroom to put my makeup on and forgot ALL ABOUT the damn coffee. I am finally ready to leave the house, I forgot where I put my car keys. I find them and get on my merry way. I literally have a list of about 3 or 4 things to get from the commissary, and I forgot two of them. I went to the commissary pretty much just to get bagels for breakfast. I came home with zero bagels. I also wanted to get Coke’s so I can mix my jack with it…forgot those too. Thankfully I remembered them when I walked into the mini-mart because when I walked into the mini mart I had to ask myself, “Why the fuck did we come in here again?” Hopefully, my forgetfulness goes away with this week.

Another thing, I crossed something else off my deployment list today, #14 Find A New Show to Binge. I have become engulfed in The Vampire Diaries. An old show I know, but it’s got more than one season on Netflix and that made it perfect. I am currently on Season 1 Episode 18. I just had to pause it to see what episode I am on and I am actually super shocked. I had no idea I had watched so many already. Lord have mercy. Also, I love the actress that plays the main character. She is so pretty! I just keep looking at her eye makeup and wishing I could recreate that look. It is so natural, but also not? I don’t know I just love it. While watching I actually started to play with my makeup. Tried to do a Saint Patrick’s Day look. Absolute fail, I need some setting spray so I can make the color more pigmented, coming soon. I did get a pretty neutral brown look down. I am happy about that. I also tried to do my eyebrows, I have no idea why because they are already so dark and thick that they don’t need to be drawn on like other people’s. I thought they looked so damn funny (that’s what my feature photo is of) that I sent a crazy picture to Maddie! Here is the look I created after I washed my drawn on eyebrows off.

pretty makeup.jpg

I promised you guys yesterday that my post today would be more fun, but I lied. I am sorry! The first week of Mike leaving I typically give myself a pass to be a total piece of shit. No cleaning, no planning, no work, no nothing. I lived up to that thoroughly this week. With Monday comes a new week, and that means I have to pull the pieces back together and get to work. I am going to get up at 9 tomorrow, make my coffee, and head to the gym. Then I plan on having my first day of volunteer work at a horse school nearby. I am super excited about that. It will look great on applications when I get out of school since the job is so competitive. After volunteering I plan on getting my meal prep for the week done. I really hope it stops raining so I can take Reagan to the dog park. She needs some run and fun with her doggy friends.

Stay tuned for some more ridiculousness. Until then, hasta leugo my friends!

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