Day 16: Balls, and lots of em!

Today was a pretty great day, besides the fact that I didn’t get out of bed until 1. I tried to stay up the entire night last night so I could stay up all day today and then go to bed early to reset myself. That obviously did not work and I ended up passing out around 5 am, and not waking up until 1. Tonight I will make sure I get to bed by 12 am, which is in 30 minutes.

After I woke up I made myself some coffee and a scrambled egg sammich! Mmmm. I love me a good ol scrambled egg sammich! Then I cleaned a little bit, and finally got some laundry done. Thank goodness. Yall should see my laundry room. It seriously looks like a damn tornado has gone through there. I need to get my ish together and get this house tidy like it usually is. I am not going to sit here and act like my house is always spick and span, because it really isn’t, but every time Mike goes away for the first couple weeks to a month I am a hot mess. The living room is cluttered with stuff, I have a pretty clean kitchen right now because I have been meal prepping and cleaning right after, but there is dog hair tumbleweeds all over the house! A. Hot. Mess. Tomorrow I am going to pull myself back together, I promise.

I am so excited because I had softball practice today, and we actually did a good amount of fielding! They put me on shortstop which is my favorite position besides center field. The shortstop is usually the best defensive player on the team because most of the balls are driven right in that area. Well, the position lived up to its description. Almost every single ball was driven right to me. The first two balls I was really afraid. They went right between my legs because I was too afraid to get down on the ball and put my glove all the way down into the ground. So many damn times I have had a ball go into my glove, up the back of it, and right into the bottom of my damn chin. Do yall know how bad that hurts? My lord! So when I first start playing again, I am scared as hell. After that initial fear goes away, I am good to go. The anxiety falls, and the fun begins. I really forgot how amazing it feels to be able to just let go and get dirty chasing after a ball. It has been years since I have been able to throw without a pain in my shoulder, and the last few practices, I have been fine. It is like God is telling me that I am supposed to be playing again, and I love the feeling. I also love the comradery. I just met these girls and I love them already. We cheer each other on, encourage each other to be better, and give each other pointers when one needs it. Ahh, team sports. I love them so much.

That was pretty much my day guys! Tune in tomorrow to hear all about the crazy hectic day I have ahead of me! So many things I have put off and I have to get done tomorrow. Oh, procrastination has always been my thing. Hasta luego my friends! Until tomorrow!

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