Days 17 & 18: It’s Been A Wee Busy

I didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday! I was busy doing all the things. I had one of Mike’s friends ask me if I could do him a favor and go turn his internet service off because he forgot. Well, I went to do that yesterday thinking it would take all of 15 minutes.. wrong. It actually ended up taking me about an hour and some change, but it made Mike happy that I helped one of his friends. He always tells me that he loves how I try to help everyone all the time. It is actually one of my favorite qualities of myself. Anyways, after I did that I went to go pick up Reagan to take her little fluffy butt to the dog park. I ended up picking up Ashley too, because she loves the dog park as much as Reagan does. Reagan got to meet some new friends! She met a Dogo Argentino (the white doggy) his name is Ghost and he is only 7 months old, and she met sweet little Watson (the brown doggy) who is a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. He is so cute, and such a little play instigator!



I seriously love this picture of all of them! The curly haired brown doggy is Canelo! Reagan loves to tackle poor little Canelo, but he loves it! I think we were at the dog park for like 2 1/2 hours yesterday. For the most part, we weren’t even paying attention to the dogs, Ashley and I just talked to Shelby, Alex, and Rei the entire time. What a great group of people. We all got along well, which sometimes does not happen at the dog park. Insane right? It’s such a happy place, but people can be such assholes sometimes.

Fast forward to bath time. I was so damn sore from softball practice Tuesday that I needed to soak in some Epsom Salt. I really did not understand that when you get older and you try to do some real physical activity that you would pay for it for the next few days. I am getting old yall! I could barely get out of bed yesterday morning! It was awful. So I decided to treat myself! Tater tots, and a nice hot Epsom salt bath! It was great. Here are a few photos of how my bath went.


For those of you that have children and say that you cannot use the bathroom or shower alone, well I don’t have children but I still cannot use the bathroom or shower alone. My dog is always right there on my damn heels. I absolutely love it, unless I am cooking, then I hate it because I trip over her ass. Here is another photo. “Hey mom, you alright in there? Need any help eating those taters?!”

bathroom reagan.jpg

She is a hot mess yall. She is the most food-crazy dog I have ever met. She will howl at you until you give her something to eat if you are eating. I actually enjoy it because she loves me when I feed her. She gets all cuddly and what not.

Today, March 29, I got so many things done! I woke up and got my coffee. Played with the little poop for a little bit, and then I got dressed. I picked up Stephanie and we headed to base to run some errands. I finally picked up my 3 months worth of birth control. We went to the post office so Steph could drop off some letters. I had no idea that there was a drop box, and you didn’t have to go into the post office. I am an idiot sometimes. Ha. After we got those things done we went to the commissary so I could get stuff for my enchiladas! Oh, my goodness, I tried one tonight and it was so good. I also went to softball practice. We did some pretty good drills. I feel like it will definitely help my fielding. I am still a little afraid of the ball sometimes, like when Evelyn hits it. She really hits that bad boy hard. Not gonna lie, she is intimidating. It is great though. I really enjoy it. After practice, I headed to Ashley’s to pick up Reagan. I drop her off at Ashley’s so she doesn’t have to be alone.

So a few days ago, I bought Ashley this planner because she is all about her planner. A lot of people have one, but don’t use it much. Ashley legit has her planner choc full of stuff! It is incredible. After seeing the planner I got her, and seeing that they were 50% off today, I got myself one too! I am super excited about it. These aren’t ordinary planners. These planners you can buy stickers for, and decorate how you want to decorate them.


I mean seriously, how cute is that? I will definitely have to tap into my super crafty side to make mine look half as cute as this, but I am super excited for planner drinking parties with Ashley while Travis plays his video games. Hell, while Travis and Mike play their video games. It’s gonna be a pow wow yall!

Well, that is all I have for today, and yesterday. Hasta leugo my friends! Until tomorrow!

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