Day 20: Another Weekend At Ashley’s

My weekend was so full! I did not think it would go the way it went, but I am super glad it did because I had so much fun. Friday I ended up spending the night with Ashley because we had to get up early for the Color Run. Ashley and I took Reagan on a little walk around base housing, and it was so windy that walking back towards Ashley’s house was so difficult! Levante winds man. When we got back to Ashley’s we do what we typically do… we sat at her dining room table and ate, and talked until our faces turned blue. Pretty sure we facetimed both of our mother’s because that is also something we typically do. Ashley and I will literally talk about anything and everything, and the topic changes about 3 times every two minutes. We do this from the time I cross the threshold into her house, until the time she passes out, I like to think she passes out from the lack of oxygen because of all of our talking. Just kidding, but maybe not.

When the alarm went off at 745, we did not get up. We were hurting because we played her song game and my house game for an extra hour when we said we were “going to sleep”.  The next alarm went off at 8, and guess what we did? Scrolled through facebook until… I’m going to say about 8:15. I ate my egg muffin meal prep, which wasn’t too bad! I was pleasantly surprised (although the next time I make them I will put a little more ham and cheese in them). We finally got dressed and headed out to the.. drum roll please… COLOR RUN! Although we walked the entire thing, it was a blast! It was a little shitty at first because at every station we went to, no one threw color on us! They would get the people in front of us, or behind us, but never us! That was super annoying to me. We finally got some color at a station though! I was super happy.


I believe this was halfway through when we started taking the color from our clothes and rubbing them on our faces. We had cornstarch (that’s all the color is, colored cornstarch) all in our teeth, our hair, sunglasses. There was so much of it in my hoodie pocket, my keys were covered, and so were Reagan’s milk bones.


Reagan. Hates. The. Color. Run. She would go to the opposite side of the street where they weren’t throwing color because she is such a scaredy cat! She did, however, love getting all the pets and kisses from all the men’s that were volunteering and throwing the color. She is a mess. She really only goes for the guys! Walks right past the females, it is so funny. By the end of the run (walk for us), Reagan was exhausted. But, she got to meet the biggest dog we have ever seen in our lives! She was not too sure about him though, again, scaredy cat.

huge dog.jpg

But to be totally honest, if I was her I would probably have been afraid as well! That dog came up to my dang elbow yall! Here is a picture of my “oh my god that dog is a horse” face.


After the Color Run, we went back to Ashley’s and attempted to give Reagan a bath. Epic failure on our part. She hates baths. Ashley got to see that hatred first hand, but I believe I got more of a bath than Reagan did (thanks Ashley). I, sadly, did not get any pictures of that bath. I do, however, have pictures of Reagan giving Ashley lovins.


This is our post run picture.


Ashley getting some random Reagan kisses.

The rest of the pictures are just randoms I took during the Color Run and at Ashley’s over the weekend. I swear, we may make this a new weekend thing until the men’s come home because we just have so much fun and actually get along with each other. I don’t get tired of talking to her, she doesn’t aggravate me, and she actually gives good advice. Ha! Anyway, that is it for the past couple of days yall! Check out my next couple blogs, they are all about the meal prep I did today! Hasta leugo my friends! Until tomorrow!




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