Day 21: Sunshine & Sangria

Sometimes I just cannot believe I live in Spain. Today was one of those days! It was such a beautiful day out and Ashley, Reagan, and I took full advantage of that! Well, after we got the adult stuff out of the way. We got Ashley’s car to the auto port to be looked at and oil changed. Hit the post office, mini-mart, and then we picked up Reagan from my house and ate our meal prep like the good ladies we are (sticking to our diets). After waiting very impatiently for the auto port to call and let us know they were done with Ashley’s car for a few hours, we decided to hit the beach for a girls day!


I was so proud of Reagan’s off-leash recall today! All I had to do was say, “come on Reagan” and for the most part, she would come running, even when there were dogs distracting her. I was one proud momma! Reagan got to meet a Spanish water dog, some other little tiny dog, and another HUGE great dane!  She was a little leery of the big boy at first, but then she came around for a little while.


I gotta tell yall, this Dane is only 7 MONTHS old! Can you believe it! He is fricken huge, and not even fully grown yet!


Of course, Reagan wasn’t amused very long and just wanted to go back and play in her puddles (she loves to dig in her puddles remember?).


This dog was a hot sandy mess when she was finished in this puddle, but we trudged on! Onward! Down the beach! To… THE SANGRIA HUTT! Ashley had never been to the Sangria Hutt so I was super excited to take her there and have her try the Sangria, theirs is my favorite. The guys that run the place are absolutely amazing and their hospitality is out of this world. We got free bread, tomatoes, and garlic olive oil. It is to die for. We got a pitcher of Sangria and split it. The man put out the big ol’ umbrella so Reagan could sit in the shade, and relax.

sangria hutt.jpg


Our pitcher of the best Sangria in town, and our complimentary honey rum shots (I swear I love that honey rum). The two men that run the place sat down to eat their lunch, and of course, Reagan’s greedy self went over there to beg them for a piece (help me I’m poor!). They just called her pretty and continued to eat to her dismay, but she did get some tomatoes and bread out of me and Ashley, per usual. After figuring out that there was no food left to beg for, she laid herself down and enjoyed the amazing breeze.



Today was just what I needed. Some fun in the sun, seeing Reagan romp around happily, and just having some good girl talk. I cannot wait for more days like this in the sunny future! That is all I have for today guys! Hasta luego my friends! Until tomorrow!


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