Day 22: Obnoxious Tuesday

Isn’t Reagan adorable? I took this of her this morning when we woke up and I let her outside to potty. That is one of her favorite spots in the yard. It is up against the fence and she just sits there covered in that plant that grows on it. Aside from her cute self, today has been a rollercoaster. I was super excited to go to the post office today because some things I had ordered were supposed to be in. So I put the little poop in the car and we made our way to the base. On the way, we listened to Poison, Hey Ya!, Return of the Mac, etc. Needless to say, we were jamming yall! Well, we got to the post office and… none of my packages were there. This is really making me angry because I ordered something March 20th that should be there by now, and either the post office people are sucking, or my packages are not arriving like they should be. Ashley’s planner was supposed to be here on Friday and it is not here yet either. Whyyyyyy?

After we left the post office and we started making our way home. I got the great idea to go to the beach to walk Reagan. We went to our favorite beach spot in Puerto. The same place Mike did all the cute Valentine’s Day stuff. I love this spot because it has this staircase down to the beach and it is a workout coming back up it. Well, we get out of the car and make our way to the staircase. The damn beach is closed off! Most likely because of the storms that passed through messing it up.


It was completely closed off. That yellow gate, and then there was even a board across a few stairs that go to the sand. I saw some people walking on the section of boardwalk that was closed off and almost hopped the little barricade, but I saw a worker tell them they had to leave. I was super upset because Reagan needed some exercise. I ended up taking her on a walk when we got home because I needed to warm up before my workout anyway.


Here is a picture of the little boardwalk area, and to show how little beach there is. I am not sure if it was high tide or not, but there was a very little area of beach today! I was appalled.

Reagan loved her walk around the neighborhood though! I am pretty sure I have the only dog in the neighborhood who does not bark at people or other dogs as they walk by. Seriously, every house we passed that has a dog, we got barked at! It was too funny because every time a dog barked and Reagan couldn’t see them, it scared her and she would put her tail between her legs and her butt down and haul ass! After our walk, she came in the yard and passed out while I got my workout in.


For anyone wondering what workout I do, I use the Body Boss program. It is such an awesome program and you really do get results from it. It is, in my opinion, a rip off of Kayla Itsine’s BBG program. I used to do BBG, but one I found Body Boss I bought their program. I like Body Boss better because I can pay one time and I get the book online and I get an e-guide. With Kayla’s BBG program, you have to get it through the Sweat App and it is around $50 for 3 months. I bought my Body Boss program for $50 while it was on sale, which happens often, and I can keep it forever.

The Body Boss program is great because you can do it anywhere. You don’t need any equipment. Most of it is body weight things, but you can also add weights if you would like. That is the beauty of it. It is versatile! Also, it looks easy when you look at the workouts, but once you get started, you realize it is not as easy as it looks! I am always huffing and puffing through the first circuit, and you have to do it twice! Here I am, post first and second circuits!



Yes, looking a hot mess, but feeling amazing! Mike has been motivating the hell out of me lately when he messages me telling me how he has fit a workout in between watch, work, and trying to find time to sleep. If he can find the time and energy while he is on deployment, I have no room to make excuses!

Well, that is the end of day 22. Now me and the poop are just going to relax, fold some clothes, and watch another couple episodes of The Vampire Diaries! Hasta luego my friends! Until tomorrow!

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