Day 24: Spring Cleaning

Bleach. It kills everything you want to be killed, but it leaves behind this majestic clean smell. Today, I found the inevitable mold in my house. Behind the blinds that we never draw. Where we usually have blankets covering so it isn’t very bright in our living room and we can watch the tv without a glare. Well, we were unknowingly GROWING MOLD. Mold is very common in Spanish homes because of the humidity. People typically use dehumidifiers in their homes to keep the mold at bay, but I usually just air the house out daily. This obviously did not work where the blankets were. So, today I tackled our mold infestation. It was not pretty, and it took me a long time to clean. I feel a lot better now that I got it done though. I don’t feel disgusting anymore. I don’t normally show people what our house looks like when it is dirty because let’s face it… no one’s house is clean all of the time, especially not mine when Mike is gone, but here is a picture of our moldy wall.


This is only the bottom and the worst part of the wall. The mold was all over the windows, the window panes, etc. I got a bucket of water, put some bleach in it, and went to town with a sponge. I also had a bucket of water, with another sponge, to wipe the bleach off. It worked very well and came off easily. This is what the wall looked like afterward.


Yes, some of the paint looks like shit now, and I will most likely have to paint it to make it look better. Sorry, Javier! Now, while I was cleaning I tried to keep Reagan out of the house. Of course, her nosey butt came in every now and then to check on me to make sure I was still alive and well, but for the most part… she was outside doing this…


Oh, this dog lives a wonderful life. Let me tell you guys what the highlight of my day was. So, this may be TMI for some, but who cares it is my blog, not theirs. It is my time of the month. So, I went through the rest of the tampons I had in the last box I bought. I went to break down the box and put it in the recycling when I noticed a note. I found another note Mike left me, at the bottom of my tampon box. He is so thoughtful. That was the perfect place to put a note! Yes, put a nice, sweet note in a box that means your wife’s emotions are going insane! He is such a little genius sometimes (this doesn’t mean that I didn’t get super angry at him today for absolutely no reason because I definitely did, I blame Aunt Flowe). Anyways, I really love and appreciate the hell out of my husband, even though he drives me nuts sometimes.


I swear this is my favorite thing he has done for me so far. It beats all of the Valentine’s Day cuteness, it beats the trips, it beats the sweet things he tells me to my face. When he does all of those other things for me, he is here. My days aren’t lonely, or quiet, or sad. These notes are little bits of him that he has left behind when he leaves me. Even though he is gone, I get to find little notes with his handwriting on them. It makes me feel like in those moments we are connected somehow. I can read the messages in his voice in my head, and it makes me really happy. I could be having the shittiest day, and find one of those messages and it makes me happier than I have been in a very long time. I could not have asked God for a better husband than the one I have. He may not be perfect, and he has some serious flaws, but in my opinion, he is the best thing that has ever roamed the Earth. Well, that was my day yall! Not very exciting, but it’s another day down and another day closer to being reunited with the love of my life! Check back tomorrow for some Dog Park Get Together shenanigans. Yes, there will be beer at the dog park! Owners wanna have some fun too sometimes! That’s it for now! Hasta luego my friends! Until tomorrow!

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