Day 39: Days Are Flying By

I haven’t posted in a few days because I have either been really busy, or I haven’t done much at all. There has been no in between. I have been so busy some days, and I have been forgetting a lot of stuff, that I went ahead and bought a planner so I could write things down! Life has been a whirlwind and I am super happy about it because that makes the days go by quicker, and that is something all milspouses wish for!


Over the past weekend, I had a few girls over for a Harry Potter marathon! I made biscuits and gravy for brunch and tacos for dinner. Stephanie made green chile enchiladas, Ashley made cheese dip, and the other girls brought snacks and drinks. It was a great time. Only Stephanie, Erica, and I made it through all of the movies, over 19 hours worth. It was great. This was only my second time to watch these movies, and in every movie, I caught something I had previously missed. I love when that happens.

On Monday, I had my first piano lesson. I have wanted to take piano lessons since I was younger, but I never did. I never really had time because of my sports schedule. My teacher is amazing, and she really is so nice! She is very supportive and makes me feel like a musical genius. Monday was a full day because I also had the FRG meeting a couple hours after piano lessons. I did not have time to make the food I was supposed to make so I went to Pizza Villa and got two pizzas, everyone enjoyed that so it was a win. When I got home I started playing around in my planner. Making little notes, and writing plans that I knew I had in the future; birthdays, dog sitting days, trips. I really love this planner and I got it when it was 50% off. Erin Condren planners for the win!


Tuesday I didn’t do much. I picked up a piano I bought from someone on the yard sale page. It works well, and I practiced my piano homework until softball practice. We didn’t do much at practice beside batting. It wasn’t the most fun practice ever but reminded me of my horrible habit of pulling my head out. I definitely need to work on that. After practice, I went to pick up my new feria dress. Got a new dress for 70 euro! Which is a steal! My dress last year was 150 euro! It is beautiful too, and it fits perfectly so no need to get it altered.


Wednesday I picked Ashley up from the auto place and took her back home. Of course, I took little Reagan with me because she loves her Ashley, but hasn’t seen her for a few days because Ashley was dog sitting for someone. Reagan was so happy! After we took Ashley home I was a little bored so I started to work on my vanity! I bought a desk from someone on the yard sale page and I was determined to make it my own. So I went and got some matte black spray paint and went to work! It turned out great! I love it, and all I need is a little separator for my makeup in the drawers, something to hold my brushes, and a lighted mirror because the lighting in our house is awful. I finished spray painting and putting the desk together right in time to get to practice. This practice was awesome. I was put on shortstop, which is and always has been my favorite position with center field being a close second. I only missed one ball the entire practice, and I only had about 2 bad throws to first. I also got to run the bases. I was a little rusty on the bases, but it will come back to me. I really enjoy playing softball so much, and I have missed it the past few years. It makes my entire day when we go out there and field some balls.


This is what the desk looked like before I spray painted it; blue and white.


This is what my desk looks like after I painted it and put it together.

Yesterday I didn’t do much at all. The only thing that was on my agenda was taking Reagan to meet her new furry friend. Don’t ask me his name because I honestly cannot remember. Col maybe? He is a beautiful red husky, and he is a big, talkative boy! He has two non-furry brothers who Reagan absolutely loved to lick on. She didn’t play with the dog much, but she sure did try to get the two little kids’ food, and put her little feet in the pool.


Today, we also didn’t do much. Woke up early to meet a guy to buy an old pair of Mike’s shoes that he didn’t want anymore. He loved them. Then I picked up Ashley to run some errands. We hit the gas station (I hate getting gas), the commissary, and the post office. Oh, we also ended up hitting the NEX and the mini. Which means we went to every store we could have gone to on the base. Great job ladies. Today at the post office I picked up Reagan’s Bark Box. She fucking loves Bark Box days. She got the cutest, and most fitting toy in it. Look at this thing.

barkbox toy.jpg

Well, that’s all I have for today you guys! Tomorrow will be a bit more exciting. Heading to a friend’s for girls night. Reagan gets to play with her new boo Ghost. I just hope I get the girls to take some damn pictures, I always forget to take pictures during girls night. I blame it on the alcohol! Hasta luego my friends! Until tomorrow!

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