Day 43: It’s Been A Long One!

The past few days have been long and without very much sleep. With Maddie’s labor, and last night’s shenanigans, I have probably gotten about 8 hours of sleep in the past two nights, and most of that was last night. But let’s get into this blog now, shall we?

After the birth of Ashton, I went back to Ashley’s. We ended up leaving her house and running some errands. Well, while we were running said errands Ashley gets a message from her neighbor letting her know that Reagan was in her backyard because another neighbor found her roaming the streets. This was the first time Reagan got out. Yes, there were multiple escapes yesterday.

After we ran our errands we went to McDonald’s. I hadn’t eaten all day, and most of the day before so I was starving and I did not feel like cooking. Let me tell you guys, I had my first Big Mac yesterday and I am hooked! It took me 25 years to find out that Big Mac’s are life! Ashley’s husband thought that I was an insane person who knew nothing about life because I had never had a Big Mac and yesterday this all changed!


A little bit after we ate I let Reagan out to go to the bathroom and Ashley walked by the door, and saw her little floof in the neighbors front yard! Her little ass escaped YET AGAIN. I could not believe her. So here we are, Ashley and I, running down the street with cheese sticks, and she takes off. So, the car is always the best chance of getting her to come back, we were flailing cheese sticks out of the window and screaming her name. Thankfully, that worked this time. But it did not the next time! Yes, I said next time. There was a third and final time that Reagan escaped Ashley’s yard.

Ashley and I started drinking and watching movies around 8. I figured we would be sleeping by 10 because neither of us had gotten much sleep the night before, but at 1 we were still awake and watching movies. We started to watch Zenon (if you were born after 1995 you probably won’t remember this movie playing on Disney Channel) and I let Reagan out to go to the bathroom. Ashley and I had thought that we had blocked the hole good enough for her to not be able to get out but, low and behold, the escape artist struck again! This time, she went on a wild run around base housing like she never has before! This little asshole made her way through a restricted gate on the base, and I was not allowed to go run after her. So, we had to go back to the house and call base security, although they were absolutely zero help. I ended up grabbing Reagan while she was wading in this… for lack of better words, a little river that is on base. Had she wanted to, she could have gone through a tunnel and gotten off base. Thank God she didn’t do that, but she sure did head that way once! Here is a picture of me walking her bad ass back to Ashley’s.


After we caught Reagan we went to sleep. I did not sleep very well because I am a light sleeper and even something as small as Reagan’s nails hitting the floor when she walks wakes me up. She was up and down all night too, so there went my sleep. When we finally got up we took Ashley to pick up her car from the mechanic. I went home for a little while to take a shower and drop Reagan off then back to Ashley’s! We went to visit Maddie, Ben, and Ashton for a little bit. I actually got to hold her to today and it was so exciting! Yesterday I left as soon as they were done patching Maddie up because I wanted to give them family time. I really believe the first day in the hospital should just be mom, dad, baby, and family. Friends can come visit the next day, but the new parents shouldn’t have to entertain many people after an ordeal like labor, but this is just my opinion. Anyway, Ashley and I got Maddie her favorite, sugar cookies and doughnuts from the commissary, and McDonald’s (yes, I did get another Big Mac, don’t judge me).

Ashton is such a sweet baby you guys! She hardly cries (she definitely cried when Ben checked to see if she had a poopy diaper because the little thing farted about 3 times as soon as he gave her to me). She constantly sticks her little tongue out, and she already has a POWERFUL sneeze! Here is a picture of Ashton’s little cute RBF.


And here is a picture of me talking to her about farting on me.


We left about an hour after we got there because Maddie just looked exhausted and she needed some sleep. I came back home and have been here relaxing ever since! Relaxing today because tomorrow I will be working out, cleaning, and getting things ready for my trip to Barcelona! Well, that’s all I have for today guys! I hope you enjoyed the insanity that is my Houdini Dog, and the adorable pictures of the newborn Ashton. Hasta luego my friends! Until tomorrow!

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