Day 45: The Beauty of Small Towns

In light of what has been happening in my tiny hometown, I would like to voice some opinions I have. For those of you who do not know, racial propaganda has been delivered around town. It was addressed by the “KKK”, the “Loyal White Knights”. I, as a white woman, really have never witnessed anything like this in my 25 years. I never thought there was such a thing in my small community, although I have heard rumors of such things my entire life. I have never witnessed it for myself, and now I have and I am just appalled. It has taken me all day to pull together my thoughts to even write this blog.

The Westmoreland Newspaper editor owes the community a huge apology. They copied the pamphlet that was sent out and plastered it on the front page of the newspaper; essentially giving the hatred free advertising! I cannot believe the editor of this paper thought it was ok to give this hate speech an even bigger platform to thrive off of. Of course, the people who feel this way will sit in the shadows, and now they have just gotten a huge help in spreading their word without even lifting a finger. I am very disappointed in whoever had a hand in this wrongdoing.

While the pamphlet that was delivered around was very hateful, racist, and obviously meant to divide our community… the reviews I have seen on the Westmoreland News Facebook page seems to prove that the opposite has happened. If you go look at the reviews you will see no shortage of Westmoreland citizens voicing their outrage over this distasteful front page. The color does not matter, there are white folk, black folk, yellow folk, etc. My little community has really come together in the midst of something that could have really torn it apart and that makes me very happy. Coming from a community that is already divided between districts, Colonial Beach and Westmoreland County, it is nice to see that everyone is on the same page with this atrocity. It makes me happy to see everyone voicing their opinion in solidarity. I am so proud of my fellow Westmoreland citizens for coming together in a time such as this. I have seen such neighborly comments being posted under reviews and it really makes me appreciate coming from a place like Westmoreland.

This is all I have for today. Hasta luego my friends! Until tomorrow!

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