Day 52: We Went on a Girls Trip!

I am not sure if you all have noticed, but I haven’t been writing blogs for a few days! I am so sorry, and I know yall have missed my insanity, but I went on a girl’s trip! I really needed this trip and it was everything I could have imagined! Honestly, it is hard to find a friend who you click with, but it is even harder to find a friend that you click with while traveling! Thank God Ashley and I like to do the same things while we travel. Most of our days consisted of getting breakfast (now I know Ashley gets hangry, and do not let Ashley get hangry yall! HAHA!), then stopping for booze, sightseeing, stopping for a snack and booze, more sightseeing, more booze, another snack, and booze, and then we sleep so we can start it all over again the next day. What is so awesome is that this is the exact same thing Mike and I do on our trips. So it just felt very normal, super flowy, and exactly what I was used to. Ashley is the perfect girl’s trip friend!

Day 1:
We left for Barcelona Saturday at 10 and got to the airport at 12 something. We took a bus from the airport to the city center, and then we found our hostel. I’d say we arrived there around 1 ish. We got our beds situated, and racked out. We woke up that morning and got our metro cards (I highly recommend getting the 24, 48, 72, 96-hour cards if you will be there for multiple days and plan on using the metro. It is cheaper and you can get to all of the sightseeing attractions with this card. Plus it includes your metro ticket back to the airport, which you usually have to buy separately). We then made our way to Casa Batllo, which we definitely thought was the Gaudi house (it isn’t), and totally got lost. Oh well, it was fun, and we boozed a bit between finding our way.

DSC_0313 (2).JPG


We walked around for a little bit after this and made our way to a little place to have a sangria, and then we made our way to the Gothic Quarter for a little bit. It ended up raining on us and Ashley needed to charge her phone so we made our way back to our hostel for a little bit.



After we recharged a tad, we made our way to the city center and hit the Hard Rock so I could get a pin (Mike and I collect pins, yes cliche we know). After that, it was Ice Bar time. We got to the Ice Bar a little early, so Ashley and I walked around for a little bit, then we sat down on the beach and watched dogs play, and airplanes come in. That was super relaxing. Ashley had never been to an Ice Bar before so I thought it would be a great place to take her for the first day, and she loved it. No matter how many times I go, I still think it is amazing.


Everything is made out of ice, even the cups we get our drinks in! We got some Rum Dragon drink, and let me tell yall… it was a sneaky drink. Couldn’t taste any of the rum in it, but we felt hot in our cheeks once we left!



After we left the Ice Bar we grabbed some food at this Italian place. It was actually pretty good and I was super surprised. We headed back to the hostel for a good night’s sleep.

Day 2:
We slept in for our second day because we didn’t get much sleep the first night. Having gotten in so late, and the little shits that were in the hostel (yes, there were super young children in the damn hostel) we were pretty tired. When we got up, I looked for a place to eat breakfast and found Brunch and Cake! I am so glad I found this place because oh my gosh, it was amazing. Not your typical brunch though. I had a chipotle chicken sammich with guac, chips, and a salad around it. I also got a mimosa and a cafe con leche.


Neither Ashley or I like guac on a typical day, but this guac… it was the guac of the Gods. We ate every bit of it. I loved that extra guac came in a little syringe on the side. If you are ever in Barcelona, definitely look this place up if you want a fun brunch!

After brunch, we decided to make our way to Sephora. Ashley needed to be matched for a foundation. So, on our way there we just so happened to stumble upon an Irish bar, and who the hell can just walk past an Irish bar on vacation without stopping for a drink right?


We eventually made it to Sephora, although I was a wee tipsy after that pint of Heinekin.


This was my first time in a Sephora and I was super overwhelmed. There is so much stuff to look at, and so many people. Let’s not forget that I was tipsy in there so… yeah it was a whole new world. They even had a slide from the first floor to the bottom floor! After our Sephora adventure we hit Starbucks just to pee, and then off to the next boozing station. Which just happened to be this little bar restaurant that is attached to a hostel. It was called Belushi. They had a hell of a happy hour deal, and we just could not resist. 2 whiskey and cokes for $6! SOLD!

After this, we made our way to Barbara’s. Barbara was amazing, but we will not speak about our time with her. Feel free to assume whatever you would like about #hashtagbarbara. 🙂

After visiting Barb, we went back to the Gothic Quarter to find some food. We ended up getting some rose shaped ice cream. Yes, you read that right… rose shaped.

flower ice cream.jpg

We walked around the Gothic Quarter and ended up finding this amazing little tex mex place that will probably hold our hearts forever (although I definitely can’t remember the name of it). I took a thousand pictures of the streets because I really cannot get enough of the European architecture.



I mean really, just look at this. It is beautiful. The Gothic Quarter is probably my favorite part of Barcelona now.


I really wish I could turn this picture right side up, but word press is not letting me.

After we left the Gothic Quarter we ended up at this cute little fancy bar. The bartender was so majestic, and we just sat there watching him make one drink at a time for like an hour while we sipped on our non traditional Moscow Mules. I have never had a Moscow Mule with mint and cucumber in it.

moscow mule.jpg

We headed back to the hostel after that and got some well needed sleep after a day of sightseeing and boozing.

Day 3:
We had to wake up early to check out of our hostel room we had stayed in the past two nights for some reason (the hostel overbooked or something). We checked out, stored our bags, and headed out for our next adventure. It was Sagrada Familia day and I was super excited for Ashley to see it. When we got off the metro I told Ashley not to turn around until we got to the top of the stairs so she could get the full effect, and she did. She was absolutely amazed, as most people are when they first set their eyes on the beauty that is the Sagrada Familia.


There she is in all of her Glory. We had some time to kill before it was our turn to walk inside, so we went to a little Italian restaurant down the block and grabbed some quick food, had a drink, then we hit a souvenir store and made our way back in time for our walkthrough. When I came here with Mike, we didn’t buy the audio guide ticket. This time I made sure to do that. I got so much more information and it had such a deeper impact on me this time than it did the first time. Gaudi really is a genius, and put so much thought and detail into this masterpiece. Everything is there in this church for a reason, down to the pillars that hold it up, and the colors of the stained glass windows.




I am obviously obsessed with stained glass windows. They really draw me in, and I love to photograph them.



After we hit the Sagrada Familia, I needed a snack. We went to this little bar restaurant and I got a tortilla. I love me some tortilla (Spanish omelette). We then made our way to Park Guell. Although we didn’t get to go inside (I was super upset about it because it is my favorite place there and I wanted Ashley to see it), we walked around it and got some funny pictures of us with the selfie stick.



Day 4:
We were making our way home this day. We woke up, packed our things, said goodbye to A-A-ron (the guy who slept in one of the hostel beds in our room) and went to Barcelona Bagels for breakfast. I LOVE BARCELONA BAGELS. Just in case yall were wondering or anything. After that, we headed to the airport, got on our plane, and Javier picked us up and brought us home!

That concludes our festivities in Barcelona! I may have left some things out because let’s be totally honest here, my days blurred together, and I am not sure what happened on what days. Time flies when you are having fun I tell ya!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about our time as much as we enjoyed spending it! That’s all I have for tonight! Hasta luego my friends! Until tomorrow!

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