Deployment’s Over!

So, I know I have been incredibly inactive for about 2 weeks. Life has been hectic yall! I have been staying pretty busy. Between piano, softball, Reagan, and everyday life errands, I haven’t had much time to sit down and write. Now, on the other hand, I have plenty of time. As some of you already know, Mike has come home from his last deployment ever! This came as a shock because he had only made it halfway through before I got the call that he would be coming home due to a broken fibula sustained while playing basketball in Souda Bay, Greece. Mike was left by the ship, who had to continue their deployment, and made his way home by himself. 3 flights in 24 hours and he finally made it back to me. I had 3 days to get the house cleaned, groceries bought (because Mike eats a lot I need a lot more food in the house than I do when he is gone), and make a sign for his homecoming. I make a sign every time no matter what, and I was not going to not do it this time! This was the last time I would get to do this! So I got it done.

Have I ever told you guys how unlucky Mike and I are? Well, you are about to find out…

So, Mike broke his fibula. That is one unlucky event. Fast forward a day… Reagan and Tyson got out of the yard and took off down the road. I was chasing them with our car because that’s usually the easiest way to catch them, bribe them with a ride. Worked for Tyson, not so much for Reagan. As I was trying to keep track of Reagan on the left side of my car, I hit a pot hole, which tore a hole in the transmission fluid pan. So, now we have no car. Great right? Unlucky event number two. Thankfully my wonderful neighbors let us borrow an extra vehicle they have. Fast forward to the day Mike comes home… we take him to the hospital to check in and get his leg looked at by the orthopedic doctor. He is not there! The only ortho doctor on base was in class, and left that afternoon for leave. He would not see Mike before he left, and will not be back until June 8th. Unlucky event number three. Thankfully the HM’s took into account what Mike was telling them about the pain, and that his toes would turn purple when he stood because the cast that was put on him in Souda Bay was too tight and constricting his blood flow. They took this cast off and put him in a hard splint. We made our way home, and when Mike was getting out of the borrowed car… he broke the oh shit handle. Unlucky event numero cuatro. Mike spent the rest of the day in some pain, and the next day we were headed back to the hospital. The splint was now too tight and it was doing the same thing as the cast. Unlucky event number 5. He is finally in a splint that is loose enough to not cause him any pain, and will let the swelling subside.

We are trying our best to get through this rough time with positivity and poise, but I am almost positive one of these days we will lose our shit! I am having to do everything for Mike, and even though I really enjoy taking care of him, it is taking its toll on me. I am tired. I am worried about him. But most of all, I am bored out of my mind. I have more practice being bored than he does. The times he is gone have felt endless over the years, but I have learned to get used to the boredom of being alone. Him, on the other hand, he cannot be bored. He just cannot. He is not the kind of person that can sit around and do nothing so this is killing him. Fingers crossed he can get this splint taken off and go into a cast on Tuesday so this healing process can finally start.

Yall pray for us, and his speedy recovery! I will update when I can! That’s all I have for today! Hasta luego my friends! Until next time!

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